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Fraud: Essays pdf books
Title:Fraud: Essays
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Don't Get Too Comfortable

Don t Get Too Comfortable

David Rakoff s i Don t Get Too Comfortable i isn t quite the profoundly illuminating journey into the heart of American cultural and spiritual emptiness advertised on its dust cover But the book s collected essays which are brisk bright and rendered with a journalist s eye for detail are funny and subversive And Rakoff Canadian born and a naturalized American i is i occasionally profound never more so than when he ponders the motives of those who elect to go under a plastic surgeon s knife It must be murder to be an aging beauty to see your future as an ignored spectator rushing up to meet you like the hard pavement What a small sip of gall to be able to time with each passing year the ever shorter interval in which someone s eyes focus upon you And then shift away That s gooseflesh good writing even though cosmetic enhancement or life as a hotel worker or flying on the Concorde or being gay in a hetero world all experiences in Rakoff s canon here isn t distinctly American We ll grant him flying Hooters Air though In short goodies aplenty beckon as Rakoff wit at the ready and cynicism turned up to invites us to sneer at pomposity hubris and plain old human stupidity Where s the queue i Kim Hughes i

Don't Get Too Comfortable: The Indignities Of Coach Class, The Torments Of Low Thread Count, The Never Ending Quest For Artisanal Olive Oil, And

Don t Get Too Comfortable The Indignities Of Coach Class The Torments Of Low Thread Count The Never Ending Quest For Artisanal Olive Oil And

The Indignities of Coach Class the Torments of Low Thread Count the Never Ending Quest for Artisanal Olive Oil and Other First World Problems br David Rakoff s collection of autobiographical essays Fraud established him as one of our funniest most insightful writers In Don t Get Too Comfortable Rakoff journeys into the land of plenty that is contemporary North America Rarely have greed vanity selfishness and vapidity been so mercilessly and wittily portrayed br Whether contrasting the elegance of one of the last flights of the supersonic Concorde with the good times and chicken wings of Hooters Air portraying the rarified universe of Paris fashion shows where an evening dress can cost as much as four years of college or traveling to a private island off the coast of Belize to watch a soft core Playboy TV shoot where he is provided with his very own personal manservant David Rakoff takes us on a bitingly funny grand tour of our culture of excess delving into the manic getting and spending that defines the North American way of life br Somewhere along the line our healthy self regard has exploded into obliterating narcissism and Rakoff is there to map that frontier He sits through the grotesqueries of avant garde vaudeville in Times Square immediately following Twenty days without food allows him to experience firsthand the wonders of detoxification and the frozen world of cryonics whose promise of eternal life is the ultimate status symbol leaves him very cold indeed much to our good fortune br At once a Wildean satire of our ridiculous culture of overconsumption and a plea for a little human decency Don t Get Too Comfortable is a bitingly funnygrand tour of our special circle of gilded age hell From the Hardcover edition

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (Tucker Max, #1)

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell Tucker Max

p b The Book That Inspired The Movie b p p My name is Tucker Max and I am an asshole I get excessively drunk at inappropriate times disregard social norms indulge every whim ignore the consequences of my actions mock idiots and posers sleep with more women than is safe or reasonable and just generally act like a raging dickhead But I do contribute to humanity in one very important way I share my adventures with the world from the Introduction p p Actual reader feedback p p I find it truly appalling that there are people in the world like you You are a disgusting vile repulsive repugnant foul creature Because of you I don t believe in God anymore No just God would allow someone like you to exist p p I ll stay with God as my lord but you are my savior I just finished reading your brilliant stories and I laughed so hard I almost vomited I want to bring that kind of joy to people You re an artist of the highest order and a true humanitarian to boot I m in both shock and awe at how much I want to be you p p b Now with Pages of Photos and a New Introduction b p

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From i This American Life i alum David Rakoff comes a hilarious collection that single handedly raises self deprecation to an art form Whether impersonating Sigmund Freud in a department store window during the holidays climbing an icy mountain in cheap loafers or learning primitive survival skills in the wilds of New Jersey Rakoff clearly demonstrates how he doesn t belong nor does he try to br br In his debut collection of essays Rakoff uses his razor sharp wit and snarky humor to deliver a barrage of damaging blows that more often than not land squarely on his own jaw hilariously satirizing the writer not the subject Joining the wry and the heartfelt i Fraud i offers an object lesson in not taking life or ourselves too seriously Fraud: Essays books by David Rakoff

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